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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Ljubomir Ivankovic is compelled by the every day. He translates our real world into a realm of harmony- a realm that finds its existence on the canvas of his tableaux. The opulence of colour and light, texture the vast graceful state of form and space. Harmony is heightened through the precision of his technique, stemming from his classical training of the European Masters. Silhouettes come alive due to the sensibility with which body and object are infused. What we find before us is a sculptured visual, imbedded with the whimsicalness of the metaphysical. All the while, the paintings entice us with their sensuous possibility.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Secrets of the Light - Great Masters Techniques in Oil

The light phenomenon is, with the drawing and the composition, one of the key elements in the fine arts. Using the techniques of the Great Masters, you will learn the different aspects of the light which enriches a painting and will analyze the relations between light and shade, polished and opaque surfaces, thick and thin paint coats, finished and unfinished brush strokes, cold and warm colors and transparent and dense finishing.  Some painting experience is recommended for this class.

Demonstration 2013, Québec

Secret de la lumière des grands maîtres
Le phénomène de la lumière est, avec le dessin et la composition, un des éléments essentiels dans les arts plastiques. Nous étudierons les différents aspects des lumières qui enrichissent un tableau en analysant les rapports multiples entre les lumières et l’ombre qui s’y chevauchent. Nous nous attarderons aussi à examiner l’interaction entre la clarté et l’obscurité, la surface lustrée et opaque, la couche de peinture grasse et maigre, la trace de pinceau achevée et inachevée, les couleurs chaudes et froides ainsi que la finition transparente et dense.

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